Not as pretty as Rosling. Live Blogging (Virtually) McCandless’ Visualised Beauty?

Right, let’s try this live blog stuff: can I find beauty in blogging like McCandless implies in data visualisation? Here we go…

Oh, wait now… two things, second thing first (as they say in Lenzie):  Luckily, he mentions Hans Rosling who has shown in many presentations the use of visualising data with true innovation (and on far more compelling subjects). Nevertheless, the premise is difficult to argue against: different representations make certain things come to light, in a more exciting and engaging fashion, but this doesn’t remove the issue of presenting and turning data into facts.

anyways, first thing second:

information overload (oh the irony of blogging ‘live’)? use our eyes more? Making info look cool!

Scaling figures and making a Billion box. Making a map of the info. there are many other techniques that use the same analogy.

Mountains out of Molehills… an outline of Columbine pre-empting a pattern of data surges. Bizarre phrasing of the self as a ‘data journalist’. The overall point so far is pretty sound. Different representations outline and uncover certain patterns and ‘facts’.

Making a distinction between programmer, writer and designer. We are all nascent designers due to being immersed in a visual world. This draws an old distinction of the west being a visual world. Go ask those with visual impairment. how true their visual throughput is. Which links nicely to the point he goes on to make. Lukcily, he’s now mentioning Hans Rolsing(sp?) who shows truly how to present and manipulate data for both sense and impact.

The issue that he so far shies from is that the cleaning and manipulating of the data has an impact on the data itself. Nevertheless, there is  a certain candour in the demonstration of political images.

Despite his best intentions, I am left with a certain lacking. A quick answer is not always the best answer, despite the rhetoric of the world’s first ‘carbon neutral volcano’. Yet, there is a certain beauty in the humour, and that has a life of its own.

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